Amaltea cooking class : lesson five

Traditional Emilian homemade pasta!

It’s time to make the pasta with eggs flour  and the rolling pin (it:mattarello), the specialty of my region. It’s amazing becoming aware of  how relaxing is  kneading flour and eggs, massaging the dough until it becomes smooth and elastic at the right point.

Making the dough with the rolling pin is an art, it is not difficult nor easy. Basic elements: a wooden cutting board, a wooden rolling pin, eggs , flour, tranquility and passion. At the end the satisfaction is unique!

So let’s take 2 eggs , 200 gr of flour and start making the dough!

Make a mountain with flour and with circular movements of one hand, make a hole in the middle.

lezione 5 (27) vulcano farina 1000

Pour the eggs in a bowl and mix. Stream the eggs in the hole of flour.

lezione 5 (28)vulcano con uovo 1000

Start mixing eggs and flour with a fork trying not to overflowing the eggs. When it’s well mixed start working the dough with hands.lezione 5 (31) impastatori 1000

When ready leave the dough to rest under a bowl for about half an hour.

lezione 5 (33)pasta a riposo 1000

Than start rolling the dough with deft movements, not too strong nor too light.

lezione 5 (18)io che tiro la pasta1000

And continue till it is very thin…and this is not easy !

With your fresh rolled dough it’s possible to make many kind of “pasta” like “tagliatelle” , “maltagliati”, “quadretti”, “pappardelle” , “tagliolini” or many king of stuffed pasta like “tortellini”, “tortelloni”, “tortelli”, ” ravioli” and much more …

lezione5 (12)pasta fatta 1000