Cesari Winery… a wonderful place and delicious wines!

I am always surprised by the strength, intelligence and creativity of artisans, farmers and entrepreneurs of  my region,  Emilia Romagna. Umberto Cesari, certainly, is one of these.
The pleasant discovery was made a few days ago during a visit to the cellars and lands of the Umberto Cesari’s winery.
From the highway, exit Castel San Pietro Terme, just a few kilometers you reach the first hills on the border between Emilia, Romagna and Tuscany. veduta dal'altoThe view is really nice, especially in Spring when the light green faceted sprouts gives a fresh feeling and it is incredibly relaxing. In this area at an altitude of 250-400 metres above sea level and protected by the Calanchi Azzurri, a particular kind of inaccessible and magnificent elevations, there are Cesari’s vineyards. Here in 1967, Mr. Umberto began his activities, believing strongly in the possibilities of the ancient wine of this area, the Sangiovese.Raccolta bottiglie antiche

The visit starts from the oldest plant where you can follow the various stages of the processing of grapes and wine aging.

torchio antico 1000

botti 1000
The visit  continues in the brand new villa located at the top of the hill where you can enjoy a wonderful view on the vineyards and Bologna.
Inside the villa you will find a store with an area for tastings

negozio1000A tasting room lined with wood , an elegant and technologic ambient.

sala degustazioni1000

At the lower floor there is a huge room of barrels for aging wine… the sight  is astonishing .sala botti1000

At the first floor  the administrative offices of the company. The kindness and warmth of people you meet during the tour make it an incredibly enjoyable time .

As for wines … I’m no expert but I really enjoyed tastings of wines and cold cuts with croutons.

Assaggi 1000My favorite it is definitely the MOMA, a red wine , fresh and high quality, made of Sangiovese with addition of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot!

Umberto Cesari is Considered one of Romagna’s finest wine producers, cannot go wrong!