Sorrento: what to see

Sorrento and the beautiful Amalfi coast

The Amalfi Coast is a perfect destination

The Amalfi Coast is a perfect destination to spend a wonderful relaxing vacation. 

The road that leads through the beautiful villages of the area is one of the most scenic routes of the entire Italian peninsula. Its beauty is well known all over the world. The seascapes of the Coast are among the most beautiful that can be admired during a trip. The crystal blue sea and the rocky coastline create magnificent scenery to see. 

During a trip to the Amalfi Coast you cannot miss one of the most beautiful town: Sorrento.

Travellers are always amazed by the beauties of nature of Sorrento with its panoramic views and the coast, but there are also many historical and monumental resources that deserve to be admired.

If you want you can follow a traditional itinerary, perhaps, along the narrow streets of the historical center of Sorrento or along the already tested routes which give you the chance to experience every corner of the City of Tasso.

Sorrento city: what to see

If you have never been to Sorrento, you can find here below what to see during your stay: 

  • Tasso Square
    One of the main things to do in Sorrento is to visit the splendid Piazza Tasso. It is a central place in the town, where the most active part of the town’s life takes place. Inside the square you can admire a beautiful statue, dedicated to Torquato Tasso. Another sculpture that you find in the square is Sant’Antonino Abate, the patron saint of the town. Correale House with its majolica courtyard and the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine are nice places to visit.
  • The Sorrento Cathedral 
    The sorrento Cathedral is a splendid church, built in the 15th century on the remains of an ancient place of worship. The church is dedicated to the Saints Philip and James, who have great importance in the town. The interior of the cathedral has a Latin cross plan, characterized by the presence of three wide naves. Inside the nave you can admire the archbishop’s throne and a magnificent pulpit. Don’t miss the wooden crucifix of the fifteenth century, which dominates the magnificent altar.
  • Marina Grande and Marina Piccola 
     You can arrive at the maritime area of the village through a beautiful narrow street with stone steps. At Marina Grande you can see the boats moored in the small port, during a relaxing walk with a splendid view of the sea. In this beautiful place there are many restaurants, interesting clubs and bathing establishments. Here you can find bathing establishments, which allow you to enjoy total comfort on the small beaches near the port.
    If you want to dine directly on the beach do not miss the “Bistrot sul mare“. This is a magic place where to have good food in a relaxing atmosphere
  • A romantic walk to the Villa 
    The Villa Comunale of Sorrento is perhaps one of the most romantic places in this beautiful town. It overlooks the Gulf and its benches could tell of millions of kisses and promises of love exchanged. High season is not the best moment to live  romantc moment here due to the crowd of people. However, this does not mean that it is not one of the most beautiful places in Sorrento and one of those that deserve a visit.