Tortelloni and Tagliatelle by “nonna Giorgia” at Corte Roeli Farmhouse!

Have you ever thought to learn the secrets of the Italian homemade pasta? And to do it with an Italian grandmother?
It can happen at Corte Roeli Framhouse, where nonna Giorgia teaches people how to make pasta with rolling pin. She shares her life and knowledge while making the dough…a wonderful experience!

Corte Roeli is a farmhouse located in the courtyside between Bologna and Ferrara.


Roberto and Elisabetta, the owners, are sweet people , always smiling .

elisabetta 1000They work hard their lands and take care of the farmhouse and of people staying in their home.


Nonna Giorgia works in the kitchen for preparing exquisite dishes for the restaurant .  Often there are  cooking classes in the farmhouse and she teaches how to make the dough and how to use the rolling pin for having a good “sfoglia” (the dough worked very thin for making pasta) .

nonna giorgia 1000
She does it at the same way her mother thought to her in the traditional Bolognese way.
Nonna Giorgia doesn’t speak English so Elisabetta translate for her , but there is no need because with her hands and movement she can explain everything!

io e nonna Giorgia 1000

One of the typical pasta of Bologna is tortelloni filled with ricotta cheese and Parmigiano Reggiano.

tortelloni da chiudere 1000

It’s very funny learning how to make them !

cri Giorgia tortelloni 1000And finally … a delicious meal all together as Italian families do!

tagliatelle 1000