Ragu di carne alla Modenese- Modenese meat ragu

This a traditional sauce that will make your pasta really tasty! The trick it is making it easy to digest!

Ingredients: 500gr ground beef , 250gr ground pork, 250gr Italian sausage, carrot , celery, onion, salt , pepper, tomato paste or fresh tomatoes , half glass of white wine and half glass of milk.

Directions : the first step it is to finely chop carrot, celery and onion .

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Put the mixture in a pan with oil and fry slowly over low heat. It will take 30 minutes to cook it well . This step is important because if you cook it in the right way you’ll digest perfectly the ragu.
At this point in another pan put the meat all together at very high temperature. The pan must be hot already , when you put the meat , and there must be a little bit of oil on the bottom. With a spatula quickly detach the meat from the bottom of the pan and mix it until it will be cooked. Add the mixture of onion , carrot and celery cooked to it.
Deglaze with the wine first, and when evaporated add the milk. As soon as the liquid is reduced, add tomato paste, salt and pepper. Cover with water or vegetable broth. Leave it simmer for at least 3 hours and adjust it with salt and pepper at the end of cooking.


Put it on pasta and “buon appetito”!

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